LED Lighting

Ready to update your home’s indoor and outdoor lights to LED lighting, which are way more efficient than traditional lighting? Fluorescent and incandescent lights often lose much of their energy due to the heat they generate, but only five percent of LED lighting is wasted as heat! The other 95% of the energy in LED lights are converted into light. Less energy consumed by your home reduces the demand from power companies which creates less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Since LED lighting uses just a fraction of the energy that incandescent lighting demands, using LED lights saves you money because they need less energy! LED lighting will always be more efficient than traditional light sources.

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  • Ceiling Fans
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  • New Circuits
  • Surge Protection
  • Tamper Resistant Receptacles
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  • LED Lighting
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  • Control Wiring
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Need LED Lighting?

One nice thing about LED lights are that they require no color filters like incandescent bulbs, so they use even less energy. The brightness of LED bulbs are even more pronounced with LED lighting when compared to regular light bulbs of the same wattage. Understandably so, an incandescent bulb uses aprox five times more power to produce the same amout of light as an LED bulb.

LED lighting is the clear winner, less expensive and more environmentally responsible choice compared to fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.

Convert your home’s lighting to LED lighting and let Electrician Bismarck ND help you save money while you are helping the environment! It is an easy process that will increase the value of your home and ensures you are doing your part to conserve energy.


We provide the best quality service because we are fully trained, licensed, and insured to do so. As a master electrician in the trade, our work is high quality. We are happy to service the Bismarck, ND area homes and businesses!

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